The Party

...  It’s actually Two Parties ...  All Night  ...  for Two Nights  ...  All Free!

The 10th Annual UAP

The Ultimate AfterParty…Vegas!  AVN Weekend
January 18 & 19 2013
Private Penthouse Hi-Roller Suites at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

“Where the adult industry comes to play"

Music by Xris Smack (Stimulate) & DJ Jess (Webster Hall NYC)

Imagine the opulence of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. You walk down a grand hallway toward a cluster of private penthouse suites.  The location is known to only the most select individuals. Exclusive.  Confidential.  A gracious hostess greets you at the door.  Checking your names on the carefully guarded guest list, she ushers you inside. You look around at the lavishly appointed suite - high ceilings, luxurious furnishings, crystal chandeliers, oriental carpets. The walls gleam with gold and marble.  And amidst it all: delightful custom-built bondage equipment and fetish furniture. The DJ spins, the place is rolling, the music and the lighting are seductive.  The Bar is Open and the free drinks are flowing.  You recognize familiar faces. You are surrounded by friends and future friends – adult industry leaders and talent, and a who’s who of the international porn fetish community.

There are no ticket sales to this event, and you will find NO FANS here. No cameras are permitted. No money changes hands here.  A top security team guards the door. You relax, knowing that you are welcome and in the right place. As you float from room to room, you discover new delights.  Pleasant surprises and exciting possibilities are around every corner. You are drawn in by the harmonious atmosphere.  All your senses are stimulated.  The space is private and safe, and the guests are letting loose, leaving their inhibitions at the door.  You wish you could stay forever.

Friday, January 18th, is the night to begin.  Come.  Enjoy.  Meet and greet the Players. Participate and Experiment.  Do what you feel.  The atmosphere is anything-goes but you feel no pressure. The environment is luxurious, comfortable, secure, kinky, and very private. You may be as you are.  You may become what you like.  You will experience what you most desire. No fans, no cameras, no worries. Friday is also the chance to find your friends, meet the beautiful party-goers, and make connections, new and old, for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, January 19th, the party continues after the AVN Awards Gala. Many celebrities come here directly after the awards dinner show. On this night, the atmosphere starts as an upscale cocktail party.  You have the unique opportunity to network with industry professionals and the fetish elite. Guests from Friday often return, creating a friendly, familiar vibe. As the night goes on, things tend to get a little playful.  By dawn, most are left with memories that last a lifetime.

Your fellow party goers are adult entertainment industry leaders and talent, guests from related adult services, and the uber-glamorous kinksters of the global fetish community. There are NO FANS here. This party is for YOU.  This is the party that Von Gutenberg, KSEX-TV, Marquis Magazine, Playgirl Magazine, and many others have called the event you most want to attend while at AVN.  To get on the guest list, either a producer or host of this event must personally invite you or you must become an official sponsor of the party.  If you believe you should be included, write us via our contact page. Industry professionals can make it past the velvet rope by right of profession and appearance. Ladies, be at your loveliest.  Men, be sharp and, please, be accompanied. Come rested, come dressed to thrill, and come ready for an experience.

This is the 10th Annual UAP - The Ultimate AfterParty...Vegas!  The producer of this event is Fetish Tribe. The New York Tribe joins with our counterparts in LA, San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, London, Berlin, and elsewhere to create, support, and perpetuate this totally free, non-profit event.  We do this for fun, not money.  The NYC Tribe is a tight community of like-minded individuals who celebrate fetish and open sensual play, with respect, and a sense of fun, devoid of judgment. Join us for the most exciting and memorable event of the year! We look forward to seeing you in Vegas at AVN and at The Ultimate AfterParty.

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Thur Night Jan 17 2013 Tribe Presents:

Advance Screening + Cocktail Party
in celebration of the latest XXX film by Jack The Zipper : K I L L E R S

[view the flyer]

Proud to be part of AVN

Next After Party

Date: Sun. Dec 29th
Where: 168 Delancey street
Cost: $10






"Going Deeper: Connection and Creativity in Play and S&M"with Eric Pride

Class info:

With all the different toys and play techniques around, it is easy to forget what really matters in an S&M scene – connecting with our partner. The purpose is to create and share a meaningful experience to be remembered on a physical and mental level… And maybe even beyond.

Through a series of shorter S&M scenes we show how to build a deeper connection, feed each others’ creativity, and thereby bring our play to a different level. We provide separate techniques and ideas for tops and bottoms.

If you want to attend both then confirm here for Suspension. You get a $5 discount to Suspension so enjoy a fantastic class, then apply what you've learned at the party for a combined $20.




JT Stockroom

Winter Fetish

Jack the Zipper



Three Brothers