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The party simmers and erupts in a cluster of secret penthouse suites at the Red Hot HARD ROCK Hotel & Casino...

The exact location will be revealed just hours before the event to industry professionals, sponsors and guests .

Invited guests will receive text and email notification informing them where to come. When you are approved for the guest list be sure to give us your correct contact info to receive a text messages regarding the location. (We will never share this information with anyone - EVER!)

In this secluded venue, you will find every imaginable delight: crystal chandeliers, marble foyers, hot tubs spilling over with bubbles, luxurious beds hidden beneath gold duvets and mounds of pillows, windows overlooking the shimmering Las Vegas night.  You will become Kings and Queens. Interspersed among the luxury, you will discover additional hedonistic delights . . . over there, a custom-made spanking bench, . . . here a suspension rack . . . and right in front of you, gorgeous women pole-dancing like a dream.

This party is exclusive to the Adult and Fetish industry and invited guests. And it’s totally free. There are no cameras allowed. No ticket sales. This is NOT a Fan party.  Security guards man the doors so that only those who belong may enter. Privacy and comfort as you revel in decadence.

Invited guests - You will be notified of the location via text, or email.  To ensure that you are on the call list write us via our contact page.

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Next After Party

Date: Sun. April 27th
Where: 168 Delancey street
Cost: $5






Brought to you by **Headmaster Anachronist ** -
As the weather gets warmer and finals approach, we at Suspension are ready to help supplement your learning! From now until September, we'll have a new class for you to learn at before every party! From rope to spanking, communication to aftercare, there will be something to learn for everyone.

Our diverse staff of learned instructors will host there own 60 minute sessions starting at 8pm! Be on time for class, kiddos!

First Rope 101 and Rope Share with your Instructor **Tombstone**

Come to Suspension before the party starts for a Rope 101 class taught by Tombstone. The class will include important safety tips and some of the quickest and most useful ties for immobilizing your partner in the bedroom or the dungeon, followed by a skill share and practice period to try out what you've learned. This class is open to individuals of all rope knowledge levels, and participants are welcome to bring a partner to learn with and practice on, or come solo and meet someone new with a shared interest.
For this class you will need to bring at least once piece of rope between 15 and 25 feet long with 1/4” to 3/8” thickness (5-8mm) and a willingness to learn and share.


We know Sundays are a school night too, so we'll be making every effort to get the party started as soon as you walk in! Afraid no one shows up till 10? Not so, with the new Suspension Summer School!

Come early, and c- nah, I'll avoid that pun.

See you at Suspension

Enjoy a fantastic class, then apply what you've learned at the party for a combined $20.





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