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The Ultimate After Party VegasThe Fetish Tribe is powered by some of the biggest names in the fetish scene coast to coast. We create play parties designed purely to entertain the sexiest, most hardcore players out there. Our Flagship event "The Ultimate After Party" is a not-for-profit event designed to celebrate the achievements of industry professionals during the acclaimed AVN awards weekend in Las Vegas.

We are the creators and producers of underground, elite events in NY, Las Vegas, and Montreal. Events that have set a new bar in sophisticated debauchery. Events such as SUSPENSION, IMPACT, {XCESS, BONDAGE BUS and of course, THE ULTIMATE AFTER PARTY - VEGAS! In addition to producing events we also support and attend many other parties worldwide. We are the global party hoppers that live lives many dream about. You too can join us if you have what it takes: The TRIBE mentality, the means, and the courage to explore the adult and fetish scenes! To learn more please feel free to write via our contact page.

The Ultimate After Party VegasThe Fetish Tribe is committed to making each party totally exceptional, upping the ante each time to create a decadent and sex-positive celebration that is bigger, better, steamier, sexier, and more provocative than the last. Any and all proceeds from The Ultimate AfterParty are, in turn, allocated to fund the next wild, crazy, and unforgettable event. We are dedicated to bringing the ultimate after party scene with us wherever we go. Our goal is to bring all the hottest players from a variety of sex positive lifestyles (from kink and BDSM to fashion, swinging, and more!) together to create new relationships and have an unfathomable amount of fun.

Our parties draw a hot, sexy, talented, intelligent crowd that's always dressed to impress in creative and seductive attire, which most often includes, but is not limited to fetishwear, latex, rubber, leather, PVC, lingerie, and erotic costume. All of our parties are real play parties with an awesome vibe. Members of the Tribe make such play possible through their dedication to creating a safe, warm, and The Ultimate After Party Vegaswelcoming environment that allows guests to leave their inhibitions at the door. This means that at a Fetish Tribe event you will witness eroticism that ranges from the sensual to the extreme - acts of safe and consensual "anything goes" sex, kinky play such as bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, exhibitionism and voyeurism, and much more. The ultimate displays of fetishist and kinkster self-expression will not be judged. Nor will there ever be pressure to join in the action, although if you do desire to do so, there will be plenty of the Tribe around who can answer questions about how to get started.

Over the years, the members of the Tribe have grown to include a diverse collection of men and women, located coast to coast and beyond, who are dedicated to the scene and who contribute to the adult industry, and fetish community in positive and uber-sexy ways. The Tribe has grown from a group of close friends to an international “extended family" of kinksters, earning a reputation for their open minds, strong morals, and fun attitudes.

Industry guests and talent may register here.

Corporate Sponsors or VIP (personal) sponsors are welcome to register for consideration.  We would love to have you on board for the fun connections and opportunity.

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Next After Party

Date: Sun. Dec 29th
Where: 168 Delancey street
Cost: $10






"Going Deeper: Connection and Creativity in Play and S&M"with Eric Pride

Class info:

With all the different toys and play techniques around, it is easy to forget what really matters in an S&M scene – connecting with our partner. The purpose is to create and share a meaningful experience to be remembered on a physical and mental level… And maybe even beyond.

Through a series of shorter S&M scenes we show how to build a deeper connection, feed each others’ creativity, and thereby bring our play to a different level. We provide separate techniques and ideas for tops and bottoms.

If you want to attend both then confirm here for Suspension. You get a $5 discount to Suspension so enjoy a fantastic class, then apply what you've learned at the party for a combined $20.





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