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From Mike B, the co-producer of Suspension, Impact, and the Ultimate After Party – Las Vegas comes.

Xcess - Back to School party has moved to a new location.  Please help spread the word.


Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused any of you.  Please see Mike B with any major hardships or issues.  He will have people on location at the old venue to help direct people to the new location.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.




Sharpen your pencil boy’s; pull up your bobby socks girls, its time for you to go back to school.  Come as your favorite Headmaster, teacher, school girl, nerd or retro jock and re-live your high school years the way you always dreamed they should be.

Music by resident DJ Xris Smack, plus guests Jonathan (sexdrugsand Britpop) and  the return of TERROr-chic!!!

School uniform for staff and students: Hot headmaster, sexy school girl, narcissistic nerd, vexing vixen, horny homeroom,  mad mathematician, book worm, class president, or jerky janitor.Back to school

Club Rebel 251 West 30th Street NYC

21+ and over   9:30 pm to 4 am

$20 in uniform $40 for those with NO hall pass.

**{xcess! Friday Sept.16@ RebelNYC**

web http://Fetishtribe.com]

****************************************************************************************************GOOD LUCK

{xpress your individuality, explore your senses, enter the spinning kaleidoscope of color and noise. Add your imprint to the design, a living, breathing work of art. Dance. Move to your different beat, your hanging outdifferent drum. Explore the darker side, let passions explode. Extinguish whatever held you back. Surrender to the impulse. You are your own god, your own goddess, bending the world into your image. Creation never stops. Reach out, open up. Extrapolate. Tonight go beyond. Exist to the point of {xcess.

Dress to impress! $20 in Kinky camper chic, fetish wear, latex, leather, pvc, creatively dressed, burner beautiful, uniforms, school girl, suits, formal wear. $40 sharp all black.





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