New Year's Eve in NYC

**Join us as we ring in the New Year in a way only the Fetish Tribe can!**

Last year, just like the year before, you probably spent New Year’s Eve at a boring, vanilla party. Before, during, and after you were filled with regret about your decision to be an adult and spend your evening with those people you “should” be with to ring in the New Year. You kicked yourself for spending the evening with family members whose idea of an exciting time was seeing how much cheese they could pile on top of a cracker!

Well, FUCK THAT! This year, come and join your other family! Come join the Tribe! We are ringing in 2013 as only the Fetish Tribe can! Sexiness, laughs, play, dancing and debauchery! A place where you belong!

Music provided by DJ Jess (Webster hall & Trash) & Xris Smack (SMack & Stimulate)

Admission & complimentary champagne toast. We are strting at 9:30pm so you have plenty of time to avoid the crazy crowds, arrive and start getting your freak on before the balls drop. Aaahh, ball drops!
Raise a glass of complimentary champagne with us at midnight, and then together we will let it rip into the New Year. We will have new play equipment, snacks, cheap drinks and some of the best music in NYC!
When folks at those vanilla parties are looking at their watches and planning their escape route home, we will still be getting into our groove! Arrive after 2am and jump right into fun because we are going past the break of dawn! Dance with us into the New Year as we go until …10am? Noon? 3pm? I don’t know! We are going until we are tired and don’t wanna dance anymore!

(Note: The last Tribe Ultimate Afterparty went for over 72 hours! Get some rest. You’ve been warned!)

19+ for entry, 21+ to drink.
Check out our new FAQ's and rules on our website for what to expect.
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**Be Tribe!**

Thanks again for supporting our events and we look forward to seeing you!


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