NYC Fetish Tribe Experience

“A movement that values inclusion and contribution.”

From the co-producers of the Ultimate Afterparty-Vegas, Bondage bus Montreal, Suspension & Impact, NYC comes the…NYC Fetish Tribe Experience :

The NYC Fetish Tribe Experience is an innovative approach to expanding your kinky horizons while simultaneously providing the most unique opportunity to explore The Big Apple ever offered. We will deliver an interactive experience epitomizing the Tribe philosophy of inclusion and cooperation coupled with non-stop opportunities to socialize and play as you create meaningful connections with like-minded kinksters and discover the sights and sounds of the greatest city on Earth.

Prepare to be taken beyond the convention model, to exceed the party concept, and to be part of the groundbreaking NYC Fetish Tribe EXPERIENCE!

Get on our guest list for info and discounts.  Write us via our contact page.

Be Tribe!

Fetish Tribe NYC Experience



JT Stockroom

Winter Fetish

Jack the Zipper



Three Brothers