About The Tribe

The New York City Fetish Tribe consists of a close knit group of like-minded individuals celebrating fetish and play in a non-judgmental environment.

The concept originated and was founded by Kelley Dane, Mike B, and supported by Nikki Kink Queen who worked together to create the movement of TRIBE.  As a pilot event Kelley and Mike B created the  notorious UAP in Las Vegas.  That Party would go on to set the bar for upscale fetish parties coupled with social awareness.  It should be noted that none of this would  exist without the help and support of Powder, Dicey, Eddo the King, Mr. P,  Sir Skully and Sir Tom. After great success in Vegas having created an incredible model that couples events, networking and awareness in one package, they decided to bring the party’s "Tribe Vibe" back home to New York City.   Back IN NYC they were joined by others who shared their spirit of adventure and awareness who helped form the concept into a reality. Today the Fetish Tribe is joined by hundreds of contributors who participate actively in the fetish community around the globe and in NYC such as Xris Smack a luminary of the community.

The Tribe aids in two monthly play parties: Impact and Suspension as well as hosts a major 5 day event in Oct. called "The Fetish Tribe Experience". Read what Von Gutenberg magazine had to say about the Tribe Experience here.  Other Tribe supported ventures have included Suspension, Impact, Tribe Burning Man Expedition, {xcess, The International Play Station and Bondage Bus.  The Tribe also is active in community outreach beyond fetish and volunteers for NY Cares and The Bowery Mission.  They have designs on creating a community outreach program and awareness center to educate and offer support for alternative lifestyle and kinky curious people.

Anyone can be Tribe. All that is required is the right attitude and the propulsion to participate, contribute and be accountable for your actions. Often it is said to be Tribe simply means to "be cool."

So you read 50 Shades of Grey and you want to know what all this stuff is about? You want to come out and check out a Fetish party in NYC but don't know what to expect? You came to the right place!

We happily support other scene events and community members.  Thanks!

Be Tribe!

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