Next Special Class - Going Deeper: Connection & Creavity w/Eric Pride

Date: Sun. Dec 29th
Where: 168 Delancey street
Cost: $10






"Going Deeper: Connection and Creativity in Play and S&M"with Eric Pride

Class info:

With all the different toys and play techniques around, it is easy to forget what really matters in an S&M scene – connecting with our partner. The purpose is to create and share a meaningful experience to be remembered on a physical and mental level… And maybe even beyond.

Through a series of shorter S&M scenes we show how to build a deeper connection, feed each others’ creativity, and thereby bring our play to a different level. We provide separate techniques and ideas for tops and bottoms.

If you want to attend both then confirm here for Suspension. You get a $5 discount to Suspension so enjoy a fantastic class, then apply what you've learned at the party for a combined $20.



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